Tiny little making of video for hell. Enjoy! If you haven’t watched hell, give this a click

So, finally here’s that cartoon I’ve been posting all those preview frames of and stuff. Hope you peeps dig the final outcome! People seem to be getting it, and I know I’m proud of it. (Heads up, it’s pretty NSFW-ish)

Mary Christmas you guys. Here’s a card from my family to yours. *Beep beep boop*

My new reel. Oh God. Please somebody hire me.

One of my long lost cartoons finally found! I did this thing almost 2 years ago. Was fun drawing in that Genndy style.

SmoThe last episode of Oishi is up, and it’s pretty fucking good! The metsu shoryuken moment alone is worth the whole ep to me, but there’s a ton to like here.

Also, it should be said, all the fat jokes: not a choice I would have made, but I didn’t write the thing. For my money, they’re excessive enough to come full circle and be ironic, especially since the guy playing that character is such a fucking sweetheart. But I’d understand if it’s a bit too much for people. Still pretty proud of this ep.

This is probably as NSFW as Oishi High School Battle gets, but it’s also one of my favorite episodes. Give it a watch. I’m so very sorry.

More of those wacky Old Navy ads. This one’s my favorite for sure. Really proud of the animation in this, and I’m happy i got to work on it.

'Ey look. I did animation for a commercial. Something about the Navy or something? Don't look at me. I just work here.

New Oishi! Watch if you love kissing and math jokes.